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After thoroughly examining both sides of the vaccination debate, Dr. Humphries unequivocally stands by the conviction that vaccines are an insult to life and health.
The history of vaccination is more complicated than most people understand.  The antivaccinationist movement is hundreds of years old.  It heated up in the 1800′s, when parents in the UK became fed up with watching their completely healthy infants and children die shortly after the smallpox vaccinations.  Parents and doctors risked losing their homes, their furniture and their livelihoods in order to beat back the deadly, disease-provoking smallpox vaccines. The vaccines were made from pus scraped off of diseased cows’ belly sores, contaminated with all sorts of disease matter.  The smallpox vaccine history is not what you think it is, if you think vaccines wiped out smallpox.  See this chapter for more information on the smallpox history.
Doctors and those administering vaccines are supposed to get “informed consent” before vaccinating.  This is not possible because the research has not been done to show that vaccines are safe beyond a few days or weeks.  Most vaccine studies do not use real placebos either, but use another vaccine as the control placebo.  See this  this article  as an example of how false placebos are regularly used. Needless to say, giving untested(no vaccine has undergone carcinogenicity testing for example, if you are wondering), often contaminated and with unproven-effectiveness vaccines is a “medical experiment” and violates the core principles of the Nuremberg – (informed and unambiguous consent)Code. Forcing people to take vaccines, whether by a proclaimed “emergency,” by a “public health” order from the WHO, or by threat of loss of rights over one’s children or of imprisonment, or by threat of being abandoned by the medical professionals supposedly providing care, removes consent, as does giving vaccines to those unable by age or mental status to legally consent. “Informed,” as well, is devoid of all meaning when people are tricked into taking vaccines by the use of false or frightening “information.”
I have found in my own practice, my own career and everywhere else, that the more one studies vaccination in-depth, the less they are inclined to vaccinate and the more comfortable they are not vaccinating.  Parents must learn the ways to take care of their children when they get the common childhood illnesses.  If they do, and allow their children to recover naturally, in most cases, the child will have long-term immunity.  Vaccination has robbed teenagers and adults of the opportunity to get re-exposed and continue with natural immunity.  As a result, mothers’ breast milk is devoid of the necessary antibodies they need to protect their newborns – even if they are vaccinated.  This is but one of the many consequences we face as a result of vaccination for measles and the other childhood illnesses such as rubella.
Medical schools do not educate doctors about the contents, dangers, effectiveness or necessity of vaccines. Medical doctors are fearful of the natural childhood illnesses because they don’t have any idea how to safely assist patients through them; and worse yet their limited treatment options often cause the diseases to be worse than they have to be.
Natural News interview with Suzanne Humphries, MD about vaccines. Natural News is the world’s largest natural health and wellness news organization.

If you would like to gain a better understanding of vaccination and what immunologists do not know, please read this short but very informative book, written by a PhD immunologist who bravely told the vaccine story from a well-educated standpoint.
            Vaccine Illusion
Please also read this short article from Standford Medicine, where the limitations of immunology are plainly spelled out  here.
The public is repeatedly deceived in order to maintain participation in vaccination.  All sorts of tactics are used. One of the most popular, is to say that everyone should get vaccinated in order to protect the unvaccinated.  This is commonly known as “herd immunity.”  HERE is an article I wrote on the subject.
The business of vaccination is highly profitable, and always has been.  In addition to the billions of dollars made by drug companies every year on vaccines, hospitals, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies prosper from the collateral damage of the barbaric and unscientific practice of vaccination.
Doctors parrot the advice, “We have to vaccinate them while they are young so the ‘take rate’ is high.”  A case-in-point is an article for which I was interviewed:
Bangor Metro: “A Shot to The Heart”
In this article, one of Maine’s supposed top experts is giving unscientific advice. We just learned from the PhD immunologist the above audio clip that the first 3 series of shots “don’t work.” But Maine’s vaccine expert says:
“Concerns about how much a young child’s immune system can handle at one time have prompted some parents to stagger vaccinations. But Fanburg points out that there is no medical data to support the practice, adding that it’s actually more beneficial to vaccinate infants, rather than wait until they are older. “Children have a better ‘take’ of vaccines in their first two years of life,” he says. “There is a higher rate of immunogenicity, which is the child’s ability to produce antibodies to the vaccine antigen.”
This statement is absolute nonsense.  This man lacks understanding as to how an infant’s immune system develops and why.  If he understood, he would be unable to utter such a statement. A baby’s immune system produces only very small amounts of IL-1B and TNFa.  There was a time when experts thought that this was simply a DEFECT in all newborn humans.  In 2004, Chelvarajan suggested that if vaccine pushers added various immune system kickers into vaccines, this would solve the problem and fix these perfectly normal children’s horribly deviant immune systems. All vaccines for Strep Pneumo, Hib and Meningococcal diseases have potent “adjuvants” – like irritating oils and aluminum – for this purpose, because without them, the baby’s immune system acts from the blue-print, sits there and does nothing – just as it’s supposed to do…”defectively” per the eyes of science.  How very arrogant, don’t you think?
However, by 2007, Chelvarajan was seeing things differently, and stated in the last paragraph, that whereas in the past, they had considered this a “defect”, they now considered it:
an important developmental program” saying, “This anti-inflammatory phenotype may be beneficial to the neonate at a time when tissue growth and remodelling events are taking place at a rapid pace… thus the inability of the neonate to respond to infection with encapsulated bacteria may be the risk the organism takes for successful development.”
In order to adjust to the world appropriately, not only is the “anti-inflammatory phenotype” critical to an infant, but breast milk is also essential to protect the baby from toxin-mediated and other diseases while the immune system develops appropriately- in it’s own due time, according to the master plan of the creator.  That’s it!  The non-inflammatory position of the immune system is seriously altered by vaccines which shift the T cells in a direction that will react abnormally in the future, leading to all sorts of the childhood diseases many people think are normal.  But guess what…tubes inserted past the eardrums of a child are not a right of passage, inhalers should not be part of a lunchbox, epipens should not be necessary, type I diabetes in children is mostly avoidable.  Even antibiotics are completely avoidable.  In fact many non-vaccinating parents raise their children never needing drugs at all.   The sad part is that the public has been conditioned to accept such a skewed and backwards medical system, and that they think it is the soundest option available to them.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  The healthiest and most disease-free infants, children, adults and elderly people are the unvaccinated.
If it is important for successful development of a baby to allow the RISK of infection by NOT allowing two key parts of the primary infection defence to “fire”, what’s the OTHER risk you might take, if you force an immune system to do something it’s not supposed to do…by causing repeated, chronic inflammation at the end of a vaccine needle? Peripheral inflammation and vaccine adjuvants, can; cause brain inflammation, create allergies, autoimmunity – constant inflammation all around the body – not just at the site of the injection… and… cause mitochondria to stop working properly.
So, you might now be thinking…if a baby’s default position to NOT respond to toxin-mediated bacterial diseases, what chance does a baby have to survive in this world? If you would like to learn more about this, read this 3 part blog series by Hilary Butler.
Infant immune system development.
While vaccine-enthused doctors may pull “peer reviewed literature” to supposedly prove their point, a closer look at their own literature invariably proves otherwise – as does a look at the sick population of vaccinated children they supposedly care for. Yet these types of ridiculous  myths are continuously propagated by parroting doctors who know almost nothing about vaccination, except what vaccines are due at what age, and who have never had the pleasure of caring for an unvaccinated child to see the enormous difference in health overall.

The unfounded fear over the illnesses supposedly prevented by vaccination is based on a history of unscientific theory and policy driven by profit, not health.  We must learn how to care for the common, immune building illnesses and not fall prey to the 200 year farce that injecting disease matter, animal matter, chemicals, metals and a host of other toxic elements could possibly promote health.  History demonstrates this practice to be an utter failure.  Do not be afraid of measles, because well nourished children who get adequate vitamin A fare just fine with measles.  Do not be afraid of whooping cough, because parents all over the world have been having a very easy time with whooping cough using high doses of vitamin C and homeopathy – but you will not read about them in “peer reviewed literature” and your doctor doesn’t know about them, because only sick children – the ones they see and often create – get counted in the morbidity statistics.  But the healthy children who uneventfully pass illnesses through them never touch the medical system and thus are not counted.  The morbidity of most childhood diseases comes from just a few things; infant formula, cow’s milk, common medical drugs, malnutrition, and vaccines.  All of these things are completely avoidable in the USA and many other countries and that is WHY we see so many healthy unvaccinated children when we look.
See how mortality for the common illnesses had declined significantly long before the vaccines were created.

There a few common misperceptions about NOT vaccinating:
  • You are putting other people at risk by not vaccinating.  At risk for what?  Chicken pox? Ask your grandmother if she knew anyone who died from measles.  Different diseases have different degrees of severity in different age groups.  But the bottom line is that the misperception that “if you don’t vaccinate you place others at risk” is based on an assumption that vaccinated people do not get the disease they were vaccinated for.  Did you know that a controlled study in school age children showed that of all the whooping cough that was diagnosed, over 86% of the children were fully vaccinated and up to date for the whooping cough vaccine? There are similar studies showing that mumps and measles breakouts predominately effect the vaccinated. People who are vaccinated have had their immune systems altered in a manner that often leads to susceptibility to other infectious diseases, and leaves them vulnerable to the disease they were vaccinated for due to a phenomenon called “original antigenic sin” whereby the antigen injected programs the body to react in a manner that is incomplete and inferior to the natural response to infection which is comprehensive and longer-lasting. Many vaccine enthusiasts like to invoke the term “herd immunity” to make the argument that the unvaccianted pose a risk to the vaccinated.  But the concept of herd immunity has no relevance to the vaccinated as it was coined in reference to natural immunity in populations and what level the least epidemics occurred.  There is no evidence whatsoever that having an 85% or 95% vaccination rate protects from outbreaks.  This theory has been disproven time and again in highly vaccinated populations.
  • The unvaccinated spread disease.  Actually it is the opposite.  Live vaccines are known to spread to close contacts.  Here is one recent example.
       Live vaccines can spread disease.
We also know that in pertussis (whooping cough) those who are vaccinated are more likely, due to original antigenic sin, to be carriers of the bacteria longer than the unvaccinated, even when asymptomatic. Full text article available here.
By 2004, James Cherry pointed out that adults, revaccinated against pertussis, don’t develop any antibacterial activity whatsoever. He went on to explain why. The current vaccines contains a few antigens, which create “original antigenic sin”, whereby the immune response to the vaccine is abnormal. That first learned response then becomes the default position the immune system takes, on future booster shots. So in the case of the whooping cough vaccines there are key protein virulence factors which have not been included in the vaccines including ACT, TCF, TCT, as well as BrkA and DNT. Because the first three are not included, the default immune response, does not prevent colonisation, and furthermore, Cherry stated that the “original antigenic sin” results in the vaccinated being unable to clear the bacteria from their lungs. The unvaccinated have immunity to all the front line virulence factors and very quickly clear the bacteria on re-exposure.
Mothers who have been vaccinated, may develop surrogate markers, but these do not guarantee efficient immune responses after exposure to the natural disease, because their first “learned response” was incorrect. Furthermore, they are still not sure “what” the surrogate marker actually is for pertussis.
There is similar information on measles, the other disease that has recently hit the media as a supposed danger to the population due to the unvaccinated.  But this information is not accurate, nor is measles a dangerous disease in people who have sufficient vitamin A.  Damien pointed out that the vaccinated are 5-8 times more susceptible to asymptomatic infection than the unvaccinated.  How then, are the unvaccinated solely responsible for the recent outbreaks in measles?
Many vaccines are said to be “attenuated” or modified live that supposedly do not infect, but over the decades we have seen how these attenuated viruses mutate once they are in a human and spread worse disease than what is being vaccinated for.  The oral polio vaccines in Nigeria are a case in point.  But this can happen with any attenuated viral vaccine.  The original Salk polio vaccines were supposed to be killed vaccines and yet they infected thousands of people, the household contacts and the community, killing and paralyzing over 200 people. This figure is thought to be a gross underestimation of the damage done.  It is not uncommon to see a child recently vaccinated for chicken pox develop shingles or chicken pox.  We see this often enough. Also I’ve seen shingles vaccine cause shingles in an elderly woman days after the vaccine was given.  These are highly contagious diseases, being spread because of the vaccine. Here are things to consider when you hear of an outbreak of an infectious disease:  how many of the affected were fully vaccinated and how many people died.  When these things are reported the results do not flatter the vaccines.
  • The terrible diseases that once plagued humanity will return if we do not keep up the vaccines.  We can see from the above graph that the mortality of these diseases was drastically declining prior to vaccination.  But in addition, you might want to know the more rational explanation for deadly disease decline in modern times.  It’s not vaccination. See the link below.
What is the evidence for a causal link between hygiene and infections?
Here is more information on vaccination myths:
        Vaccine Myths.
All the reduction even for TB, was achieved BEFORE any vaccines of any sort were offered, and most of the reductions for all diseases, were achieved before antibiotics became commercially available in about 1950 as well. So what did that? It wasn’t vaccines.
BTW, there never was a vaccine for scarlet fever. Scarlet fever and it’s resulting complication, rheumatic fever – has clearly been shown in the medical literature, to be nutritionally driven.  This is why if you do find someone who says they had scarlet fever, it is primarily in more impoverished and less educated groups throughout history. Some well educated people in stable social environments, without much money, will be on the scale of low susceptibility because it is really the nutrition and well being that count.  It just so happens that low education, homelessness and low money often co-exist. All of us carry Strep A regularly, but the well-fed amongst us don’t get scarlet fever, let alone it’s complication, rheumatic fever. The reason it’s a significant problem in the less educated, less nourished groups where poverty is rampant, is because poor nutrition, historically correlated with higher rheumatic fever.  This point is well studied enough to lay aside any concern over whether or not correlation implies causation.  In the case of infectious diseases, the low nutrition is not a cause per se, but it is a major preventive factor, that has led to enormous declines of morbidity and mortality with infectious diseases of all kinds, not just strep A and rheumatic fever, but also measles.
You may be aware of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, the doctor who was supposedly discredited after writing about Autism and vaccines.  Before you believe what you’ve heard on mainstream TV and media, please view this VIDEO and be aware that Dr. Walker-Smith and Dr. Wakefield were exonerated of the false claims made by Brian Deere, the journalist credited for defaming Dr. Wakefield.
Dr Wakefield and Dr Walker-Smith exonerated.
See this video here where Dr Wakefield so rationally and eloquently outlines the real issues involved in his attacks.
If you made it to the end of this, and would like to discuss vaccination further, Dr Humphries is willing to do that on the phone or in person.  Please schedule an appointment, where your questions can be answered, and you can be directed to the resources that best serve your individual needs.

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