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Aug 09 10:19am By Sarah Brooks-Wilson

You know those days when you just don’t feel very healthy, well I’m having one of those now. I’ve just been on holiday for a week and while I did lots of relaxing, I also did lots of eating and drinking and I didn’t much sleep either. Now I know that’s all part of the holiday spirit and having a break from the day to day routine, but when you get back from holidays, you also want to feel healthy, invigorated and well rested.

Top tips from Miranda Kerr's yoga instructor

So what do you do to make yourself feel better? Well there are some small things you can do to get back on track in just a matter of hours and days. These little health tricks worked for me, so I hope they do for you too.

The mini detox

Give your system a break for the first day after a holiday or long weekend, by increasing the amount of fruit and veggies in your diet. Wake up and have a big bowl of fruit salad with natural yoghurt, eat a big salad with lean meat for lunch and steam some fish and eat it with lots of green veggies for dinner. Snacks should be fruit or a handful of nuts. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel by the end of the day.

Cut out alcohol

Doctors recommend at least two alcohol-free days a week, but when you’ve over indulged, it’s time to give up drinking for at least a week to give your body a real break. When you drink everyday, your body has to constantly work harder to break it down making you feel lethargic and tired. You will feel so much brighter and alert by not drinking.

Sleep tight

Too many late nights? It’s time to go to bed early every night for a week. By that I mean 9 to 9.30pm. If you can’t fall asleep that early, read until you can’t keep your eyes open. It will give your body a chance to repair itself and you will feel less groggy when you wake up, not to mention more have more energy throughout the day.


Make that part of your everyday routine for the next seven days. Even if you only get time for a walk in the park, it’s better than nothing and will get your circulation. Fresh air and movement just gets everything moving inside and out.

Drink more water

Aim for at least seven glasses a day. Drink one glass on rising, have another one before breakfast, one mid morning, and one with lunch and switch that afternoon cuppa to a glass of water instead. Sip one with dinner and one before you hit the pillow. Make sure you always drink a glass of water after going to the loo or if you have a coffee. See, it’s easier than you think.

Quick pampering

Get in a hot bath and give your skin a good old scrub with a loran to get the circulation going. Do it for at least ten minutes, until the skin is slightly red and tingly. Put on a deep cleaning face mask and lie back and chill for 20 minutes. You’ll get out with more than just soft skin; you’ll feel really clean and invigorated.

See it’s not hard and you’ll be raring to go again.

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