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EXCLUSIVE The Sunday Telegraph & Mikiverse Health August 17, 2013
PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd has promised to strip parents who refuse to vaccinate their children of family payments worth more than $2000. 
Why is the government promulgating discrimination?
Should 'we the people' who want to be free to raise our children free from dangerous vaccine poisons be organising a mass tort against the government?
Or, do you realise that the Australian Tax Office is a registered 'for profit' business & that you can save a lot more money by not shopping with that business?

Why is this newspaper not talking about this government discrimination?  
In a get-tough message to ''vaccine refusers'' –notice the nickname? The media always use this tactic when they seek to train you into parroting their slogan as an opinion without giving you an explanation of the facts. A good literary example is in George Orwell's book 'Animal Farm' where the Pigs stymied any discussion that they didn't approve of by having the sheep sing "four legs good, two legs bad"– who ignore advice to immunise children against life-threatening diseases –notice the emotional language? notice that it is used in conjunction with simplistic sloganeering? This is part of the programming that you are subjected to all day everyday when you consume their corporate propaganda. A programming that you cannot overcome until you realise it exists in the first place. So. What are these dangerous diseases that we need protection from?– such as chickenpox, polio and whooping cough, –Where is the proof of this claim?– Mr Rudd will pledge today that if re-elected he will deny them Family Tax Benefit A end-of-year supplements.
The payments are worth $726 per child and are paid when children are one, two and five years of age, when children are fully immunised in accordance with the official schedule of vaccines. –If the vaccines were so safe, then why does the government need to bribe people into doing it?–In total, the family payments are worth over $2000 per child.
The announcement follows The Sunday Telegraph and The Daily Telegraph's No Jab, No Play campaign, –Now the newspaper is claiming the credit, which is both a marketing and political scheme. Marketing, because it could boost sales & advertising revenue in a slumping industry, political, because the paper does not want you to credit the ALP with this lest you go out and vote for those right wing criminal terrorists– which called for the federal and state governments to take action against parents who failed to immunise children.
Our –note the programming language they are using on YOU. This is a newspaper campaign, therefore in order to use the word 'our' there has to be more than one participant. So who are the other parties to this 'campaign'? Well, they are at pains to emphasize that it isn't Rudd, and, no business' are credited as is usual practice, so the other participant is YOU. The paper is trying to fasten you subconsciously to the idea that they and you are working together on this 'campaign'–campaign asked the federal government to restrict childcare rebates for unvaccinated children, and for the state government to allow childcare centres to ban unvaccinated kids if they wished.
Here is a wacky concept. If vaccination was so important, why not have a referendum and make it law?
The federal government has refused to take any action until now, while Premier Barry O'Farrell has introduced laws –actually a bill, which will never be a law, but may become a statute– that require –choice element word designed to look like there is no choice which would be called an 'obligation' in that instance– parents to produce a full vaccination record or a conscientious objection form before enrolling their children in childcare.
Looks like an attempt to control parental behaviour and have them jump to the beat of a public servant's whimsy rather than some noble crusade to protect children from some phantom menace disease.
"The medical science is clear," Mr Rudd said.
Yes. It. Is. Vaccines are dangerous.
"The best way to protect babies and children from diseases like whooping cough is to be fully vaccinated. –The best way to protect the community fro lying politicians is to not vote– I have been very concerned that in recent years there have actually been whooping cough epidemics in some areas. What areas?
"Babies can and do die if they contract this horrible disease. I want these unnecessary tragedies to stop."
Actually, Australia has about a 95% 'take up' rate of the three injections which didn't prevent a major epidemic in 2008 that lasted about four years. Not only that, but, as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on March 21, 2012 that;
                                                   "DANGEROUS new strains of whooping cough bacteria are evading Australia's vaccine against the disease and entrenching a four-year epidemic that could spread overseas, Sydney scientists have found in research that raises questions about the national immunisation program."
Not that this stopped Kevin Rudd from trying to use the fear program on you by inferring that babies die from not being vaccinated, and that vaccination gives you some type of an invincibility cloak.  
Senior government sources said the Prime Minister would in future consider restricting access to childcare rebates, but would announce the Family Tax Benefit A supplement promise as a first step.
YOU have been warned & notified. The ALP are running a dishonest 'salami slice' tactic. This could well escalate into outright hostility against people that do not wish to poison their children because the government tells them to. This looks to be part of the Agenda 21 plan, also known as the eugenics agenda. You need to be very careful because these criminals in the media & the government who try to spout the lie that unvaccinated children are a danger to vaccinated children and should be segregated for the safety of vaccinated children. If that was actually true, then this would be proof positive that vaccines DO NOT PROTECT against the stated disease so the question needs to be asked why are these organisations pushing such an obvious lie and where will this lead? Is this going to lead to unvaccinated families being herded into concentrated camps or having to stitch an identifying feature into their clothing like Nazi Germany made the Jews do? Remember that those evil criminals were pushing the lie that the Jews were a danger to the German people and that German's needed protection against Jews. Germany was an advanced western imperialist government in economic decline due to WW1 who used prejudice and lies to murder six million. Australia is also in economic peril and looking for culprits to point the communal finger of blame at alongside so-called terrorists. Where will this end? 
KEVIN Rudd's support of our campaign No Jab, No Play campaign is welcomed but given he is unlikely to be prime minister in a few weeks time –they sound very confident. Do they know something about the result that we should all know about?– it's a little too late. We want the government to deny the 50 per cent childcare rebate to all parents who deny lifesaving vaccines to their children. Tony Abbott, it's up to you - vaccine refusers must be penalised.
The 'we' in this sentence is the Daily Telegraph, a Rupert Murdoch owned tabloid toe rag. Is this paper airing Rupert Murdoch's opinion. Is this proof that Rupert is part of the global push to poison us and interfere with our ability to take care of ourselves so that we become dependent on them? How is that any different to the serfs being abused by the landed gentry in feudal times? 

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